CIIMA 2020 -9th International Mechatronics and Automation Engineering Conference


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The 9th International Mechatronics and Automation Engineering Congress, CIIMA 2020, is an IEEE conference, gathering students, faculty, alumni and research crew members of Mechatronics an Automation engineering where they can exchange experiences and results within lectures and forums held regarding trends and new technologies in these fields.

The conference will be held in Cartagena, Colombia, on November 4 to 6, 2020, at Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar, through its Mechatronics Engineering Department.

The Colombian Network of Mechatronics and Automation Engineering Programs (RIMA - by its Spanish initials), supported by ACOFI (Colombian Engineering Faculties Asociation) promotes the conference on a yearly base, hosting it across cities in Colombia.

CIIMA 2020 is a scientific and technological conference.

The procceedings shall be published with ISBN and indexed by IEEE.


  • Facilitate academic exchange between research teams and faculty from Mechatronics programs covered by RIMA and abroad.
  • Divulge latest advances and new findings within Mechatronics and Automation Engineering.
  • Promote interaction between private businesses, government and universities to make known and extend the applications and operative field of Mechatronics and Automation Engineering.
  • Provide a space where engineers, business owners, technology developers and faculty can come together to multiply knowledge transference, technological innovation and applied engineering solutions in the field.

Important dates

        • Conference dates: November 4, 5, 6, 2020
        • Submission deadline: August 31st 2020


Interest topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Mechatronics design: Fast prototyping, industrial applications, mechatronics innovation and entrepreneurship, automation and sustainable industrial Mechatronics development.
  • Robotics and Biomechanics: industrial and service robot applications and development. Biomechanic products, exosqueletons and re-rehabilitation artifacts.
  • Control and Industrial applications: Advanced control techniques, failure detection and diagnose, industrial processes modelling.
  • Industrial Automation: Operative sequences systems Automatic control Control, 4.0 industry networks, discrete systems modelling. Sensors and instrumentation.
  • Artificial intelligence and signal processing: Industrial automation using AI, Image and digital data processing . DSP's and FPGAs.
  • Sustainable Engineering: Precision Agriculture, Alternative Energy, Mechatronics applications for farming industry.
  • Sensors: Intelligent actuators and sensors, sensorial fusion, microactuators and mico sensors. Electromechanical systems, radiation based sensors.
  • Industrial communication networks: 4.0 Industrial networks, data transmission protocols, standards, integration, telemetrics, remote controlling, plant systems integrated into management information systems.

Conference Host

Sponsoring Universities

Universities and Technical Institutions sponsoring the conference.


Contact information

The conference is hosted annually by the Colombian Network of Mechatronics and Automation Engineering Programs (RIMA - by its Spanish initials), and supported by the Mechatronics ACOFI chapter chapter (Colombian Engineering Faculties Asociation).

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Reach us by phone: (+57)-5-6535290 or (+57)-5-6535305